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Through The Eyes and Into The Soul

The Heart Beats On

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I am like everybody else, even if I'm trying not to. I mean no matter what you do there is always one person that is similar to you. Eh, whatever... Any who, Music and art is my life...my bread and water. With out them I am nothing more then a walking sack of flesh mindlessly wondering the earth waiting to for my end.
Hmmm...let me see. I am an open minded person. I like to be logical and reasonable, but I do believe in the paranormal. Things are more than what it seems, even if we can't rap our minds around it. This is why I do not like to stick to one thing. I listen to all genre of music, love all languages and accents, interested in other cultures than my own, and so forth... Lol Sorry if my sentence structure sucks. I try to be correct with my spelling and such. Hmph... If you havent notice I tend to rant of topic often. ADD...? Hehehe...who knows.
Well...this is the end for now. I'll stop my ranting. Although, I'm sure there's a longer rant than this. Okies my lovies... Laters!

Oh...! If the I remind you of someone on LJ it's because I have another one. I forgot the password and along with the email address I used for it so I couldn't change it. ...Shere we are. LOl I epically fail. ^^ Okies bye for reals now! BYE BYE!
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